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Beer Philosophy.

Old Trade’s assortment of beers are in the style of traditional American and European farm-centric beers.  Included in this lineup will be traditional American beers such as Pale Ale and IPA, Belgian-style beers such as Saisons and Lambics, and English based beers like Porter and Mild.  Old Trade will also create unique beers sourced from farm ingredients such as raspberries, pecans and peaches and other available farm fresh ingredients.

The farm opened with a hop yard and a half acre of cider, pear, cherry trees. In addition to these crops, the farm has multiple bee hives which will be integrated into beer production too.

Another unique feature of our farm brewery is a “barrel program,” which entails aging beer in used spirit and wine barrels. Old Trade will source many of its barrels from local vineyards and distilleries. 

The used barrels will add interesting and unique flavors to many beer styles.  The barrel program will allow an advanced barrel aging schedule which will allow for beer styles like barleywine and sour / wild beers to gain increased complexity.


Old Trade Brewery